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Artist Bundle 

ITANU Studios provides a bundle option for recording artists. We know it can be expensive to get new headshots, produce new music, and create a music video. Since we provide all of these services, we can lower the cost for the artist since all of the work will be done with us!

Artist in Recording Studio


Music Recording

ITANU Studios can help create your music with our talented team of producers; we have the capability of transforming your ideas into releasable finished, mixed, and mastered tracks. ITANU Studios has everything you need to record your single, EP, or album.

Artist's Music Video


Filming Music Videos

For shooting your music video we provide all related services in-house allowing us to film your music video with the highest quality at a realistic price.

Artist's Album Cover


Photography Shoot

We have an in-house photography studio and professional gear, which helps lower our overall costs. We want your album cover or headshots to be captured in the most price-effective manner.

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