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Our Filming Services

ITANU Studios creates short format videos which include: commercials, music videos, and promotional videos.


Choosing ITANU Studios means we will take care of all services your project requires. We provide most services in-house, allowing us to lower the overall cost. Here at ITANU Studios, we keep updated with the current standards of the most popular streaming services and the Film Academy, ensuring your project is of the highest quality. Our approach to producing your project is to make it as high quality as possible at the best prices! While also making it easy for you.

Contact us if you would like a quote for your project!


We can help you develop your project. You will have a meeting with one of our team members for us to understand your vision for your project better.

Script Writing

One of our writers will work with your ideas and concepts to write a professional script. 


We can help you organize all of the logistics to prepare for filming. Our team will take care of all needs for your project for you.


For the filming of your project, we provide two options: Standard or Professional. 

Standard - High Definiton

Professional - Filmed to meet the highest demands of today's streaming services and television. 


professional editor will edit your project, ensuring to follow your ideas and make creative decisions.


We can provide various music options, from license-free music to original scoring by our composers.  

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