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Our Music Services

At ITANU Studios, we're more than just a recording space - we're your collaborators in the exciting journey of music creation. We house a skilled team of producers that excel in refining your raw ideas into professionally finished, mixed, and mastered tracks ready for release.

Whether you're embarking on your first single, an EP, or a full-length album, ITANU Studios is your ideal partner. Our studio is equipped with modern hardware and software designed to capture the essence of your music perfectly. The space comfortably accommodates solo artists and groups of up to four, not including the technician, ensuring a smooth and efficient recording process.

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Each of our in-house producers is not just a sound wizard, but also a multi-talented musician with proficiency in various instruments. This dual expertise fosters a collaborative atmosphere, making it easier to find the right tones and harmonies for your music.


At ITANU Studios, we understand the importance of solid, reliable gear in the recording process. Our studio is outfitted with a selection of tried-and-true instruments that are up to any musical challenge. From the warm strum of acoustic and electric guitars to the depth of bass guitars, we've got you covered.

In addition, our selection of digital keyboards and synths expands the range of sounds at your disposal, giving you the freedom to explore and create the music you envision.

At ITANU Studios, we're passionate about helping every artist express their unique voice. Embark on your musical journey with us and let's create resonant, impactful music together.

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