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Zooming Camera

Our Photography Services

ITANU Studios provides photography services such as album covers, headshots, social media, events, and more.

We aim to help you capture important life moments professionally, whether an album cover for a new single or a family event. We also have an in-house photography studio and our professional gear, which helps lower our overall costs. We want your moments to be captured in the most price-effective manner.

Studio Shoot

We have a studio with professional lights, natural lighting, and various background colors. Depending on the client's needs, the studio's lighting, background, and setup can be changed accordingly, which will be discussed before the shoot.

Event Shoot

We can photograph any events that you wish to have professional photography. We can provide video as well.

Location Shoot

We can come to a location of your choice or help pick a location depending on your needs. Before the shoot, we will conduct a meeting over the technical aspects of the shoot to understand the client's wants and needs.

Photo Editing

We include ten edited photos of your choosing and images from the shoot. If you would like additional pictures to be edited, that will be an extra charge depending on the level of editing required.

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